The Hoefer Disposable Injection Valve is the perfect solution for the pressure injection of polyurethanes, resins, plastics and silicone rubber. The Hoefer disposable/reusable valve has a wide range of injection and venting applications. It is used principally to prevent the introduction of air during pressure injection of molded parts from liquid elastomers and polymers. It is simple, economical and dependable for use with single-orifice molds, interconnecting injection systems, venting ports, or difficult locations requiring a valved entry or exhaust.


  • Eliminates voids in molded parts
  • Leaves injection orifice residue-free
  • Saves time in cleaning and renovating molds 
  • Aids in removing part from mold
  • Acts as either filling or venting valve 
  • Saves money, whether reused or discarded after use

In use, the plastic valve threads into a tapped hole and accepts the tip of a standard injection cartridge. During injection, its sealing diaphragm prevents backflow and air entrainment. Should the mold cavity require back-filling, simply inject more material into mold cavity. Left in place during curing, the valve provides a point of leverage to assist in removing the part from the mold without the use of hand tools. In addition, the injection orifice is left residue-free and ready for reuse without cleaning when the valve is removed. These two features offer savings in time and money by protecting molds against damage and reducing the frequency of cleaning and renovation. It is normally not necessary, when using the valve, to use screws to stop leakage from molds.

Since warm air moves more easily over a heated surface, it is helpful to preheat the mold to molding temperature before injection. For simple, top-vented connector molds or complex, wing mock-up injection/venting/fill-indicating systems, the Hoefer Disposable Injection Valve is the indispensable molding aid.

The Hoefer Injection Valve is successfully used by electronic and aerospace manufacturers nationwide.


H-516-18 Injection Valve

Maximum operating temperature… 185°F intermittent

Tip diameter and thread… 5/16" - 18 thread Compatible equipment… Std. SEMCO/equivalent
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