Our Story

Hoefer Valve has been a family owned business for over 40 years, started by William F. Hoefer in Pasadena, California. William F. Hoefer was an inventor, foundry owner and former US Navy Chief Petty Officer during World War One. He had four children, including one who became a foundry man and a daughter named Miriam. By creating architectural drawings and artwork, Miriam was able to greatly assist her father throughout his business career.

After William F. Hoefer’s passing, Hoefer Valve was run by Ed Graper of Lebow Company, Miriam’s stepson and an aerospace engineer. Today, Hoefer Valve continues to be operated by the Hoefer family and is currently owned and serviced by William F. Hoefer’s granddaughter, who also embraces the entrepreneurial spirit that has been her family’s legacy.

The Hoefer Valve has been used to refurbish the wiring of the Bathyscaph Triest when it was re-commissioned to retrieve the atom bomb off the coast of Spain. Additionally, Hoefer Foundry assisted in the construction of the launching pad for the original missile that first orbited the earth at Cape Canaveral. Hoefer Foundry has made everything from missile parts to fishing lures and bowling pins. Today, the Hoefer Injection Valve is successfully used by electronic and aerospace manufacturers nationwide.

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